• Control-Z for Your PC -- ctrl-z4yourpc.com site overview

    Control-Z for Your PC

    Kingston-based PC Repair Service. Design & logo refresh.

  • Harajuku Cafe -- hjasiancafe.com site overview

    Harajuku Cafe

    Fishkill-based asian cafe restaurant. Design, ecommerce, shared-credit photography & logo design.

  • Time of Your Life DJ -- timeofyourlifediscjockey.com site overview

    Time of Your Life DJ

    Hudson Valley-based DJ Service. Design & logo.

Websites should be clean, modern and to the point.

Web Design Portfolio

I have been making pages for the web since 1994. In 1997, I purchased my own .com, and in 2001, web design became part of my professional responsability.

I believe in clean, modern designs, and getting to the point. I also believe that being a small business is not synanimous with a bad website. My goal is to support small business through forward-thinking design.

    Here is a list of the major projects I have worked on. Expect detailed pages on some of these in the future.


  • Mugen Toys (redesign)
  • HKT Toys (redesign)
  • Titian Tea
  • Time of Your Life DJ
  • 2010:

  • Ctrl-Z PC Repair
  • Harajuku Cafe
  • Wilson for Assessor


  • Crossfit Fishkill
  • 2007:

  • Riposte Database
  • 2006:

  • Wilson For Assessor
  • 1997:

  • Club Squaresoft