About Ben

Even as a boy, Ben was comfortable in front of a screen.

If he wasn't playing computer games, he was hacking them. By 1993, he had discovered the internet, and was never the same again.

In 1994, he designed his first website, and within 3 years, had his own .com. Clubsquaresoft.com, a video game news site, covered the gaming industry for over 8 years. It would become affiliated with IGN, the largest gaming news site in the world, and offer him a chance to attend the Electronic Entertainment Expo, in Los Angeles, as official press.

Ben at a friend's wedding - 2010

Right: (top) Ben poses in Doulin, Ireland (2007) (bottom) Ben climbs Washington's Mt Raineir (2008) Above: Ben at a friend's 2010 Wedding

He later went on to study Computer Science at Marist College, graduating in 2005. Even earlier, in 2002, he was already responsible for the web presence of HKT, the largest independent Japanese Toy Importer on the East Coast.

When he is not at work, he spends his time hiking and rock climbing, constantly found behind the lens of his camera. He enjoys sports such as fencing, racquetball, running and soccer.

Ben Climbs Mt Raineir in Washington State - 2007 Ben Climbs Mt Raineir in Washington State - 2007

In addition to traveling for his job, Ben loves the open road. He has been to 38 states within the US, as well as 9 countries throughout Europe, Africa and North America. He has driven across the country twice in the past four years.

When he is not exploring the world, Ben resides in New York's Mid-Hudson Valley.